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WVOA Welcomes Ed Francis as Systems Administrator!

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Ed brings great things to the effort. While roles and responsibilities are still being hammered out, Ed will be using his expertise from more than 12 years of experience in engineering designing, building, deploying and maintaining image characterization and acceptance test, STE/SCADA (Special Test, Supervisory Control), and manufacturing computer systems. Very strong troubleshooting skills for hardware, software and integration. Excellent communication and team environment skills. Proficient solutions architect and solid graphic designer.
Ed has:
• Designed, implemented and maintained 200+ test and production computer systems all with unique HW/SW configurations; specialized in high-speed data acquisition and command/control and HPC (High Performance Computing)
New Product Introduction
• Built and presented numerous camera demos, including wireless image streaming capability
• Created numerous of web services including Critical System monitoring
• Created multiple real-time dashboards monitoring test set utilization, product yield and throughput
• Led team to securely connect test floor with remote manufacturing partners
• Trained several new hires on Open Architecture design of modern industrial theory and computer systems
Process Improvement
• Authored programs/scripts to automate routine tasks of administration, data collection and system-level queries and analysis tools to probe and diagnose/troubleshoot
• Authored numerous controlled documents classifying critical 24/7 manufacturing systems
Awards / Recognition
• Received Technical Honors 2013
• Installed and maintained numerous engineering workstations each with unique software blend; Software/Mechanical/Electrical/Systems Engineering standardized tools (ie: Pro-Engineer, Visual Studio .NET, Cadence/Mentor Graphics, Matlab, MathCad)
• Designed, implemented and supported a VLAN (virtual network) to isolate critical test systems from general network; included a massive server consolidation to lower cost; created domain-based services and restructured production test environment data
Research and Development
• Developed next generation test systems; designed scalable and supportable architectures for newer product final acceptance test using custom and COTS hardware/software
– STE/SCADA Semiconductor manufacturing systems
– Embedded computing (WindRiver vxWorks) experience
Most if not all Intel/AMD-based computer platforms
– Networking TCP/IP based networks and Active Directory domains
– High-speed data acquisition
– Command/Control (Most legacy and current I/O)
-All versions of Microsoft Office Suites
– Microsoft Server foundation
Proficient with VMWare ESX server, workstation and infrastructure; Microsoft Hyper-V
HTML, Javascript, AJAX, XML, CSS, CGI, PHP, SQL,
Programming Languages
PERL, C, C++, C#, Matlab
Operating System Experience
DOS 3-6.22, All Workstation and Server versions Microsoft Windows (3.1 – 8 both 32bit|64bit), Linux (Red Hat Linux)
HPC – High Performance Computing, CUDA, OpenCV, OpenCL