Incorporation and investment opportunities

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World View Holdings, World View Optical Arts, and World View Water push forward to incorporation in Q4 of 2014. We are pursuing funding through various channels, including personal or group investments by qualified participants who bring much more than just money to the table. The three groups collaborate to bring different contributions to bear on valuation with socially conscious means and ends. The computational effort provides needed modeling and simulation capabilities to the energy and water production efforts and the water and energy efforts provide a meaningful arena for the use of the computational capabilities. Both provide a diversification of assets for the other.

This early funding round will provide international patent protection for the free-space optical interconnection and recent technical advancements in energy/water provision, methods as well as equipment and staffing for these initiatives.  Qualified investors are welcomed to contact us to discuss opportunities and any questions. We will be inquiring of and other sources as to preferred corporate venues and structures as well as appropriate investment groups and strategies with due diligence.